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Learn to navigate through life's most challenging circumstances with practical solutions that create lasting results.


Revitalize your life and create the joyful, meaningful relationships that you yearn for, despite past mistakes or tension.


Whether you are seeking help so that you don't break, or if you are already broken, you can start today to build a better tomorrow.

Have feelings of betrayal, anger, or frustration created a painful wedge in your heart? Do you seem stuck in painful, negative patterns? Are you lost in a sea of hurt and confusion? Have you tried and tried everything you know how to do, maybe even tried therapy before, and you still feel gridlocked?

My name is Anne Evans-Cazier, LCSW, and I am the founder and director of Resilient Life Center. Wherever you are in your journey, I have the experience and proven, effective tools to help you overcome your challenges and move forward. You will need to bring your willingness to work hard and try new things, some of which may be difficult or uncomfortable at first. With your commitment and powerful tools I can help you learn, you can build something of immense value: a life of rich, meaningful relationships and a resilient heart full of joy.

You can learn to be a resilient individual, couple, or family who develops the personal and relationship skills needed to face whatever challenges come your way, and who uses these challenges to grow and move ahead.  You already have the power to change within you.  I’m confident that together we can unlock that power and use it to create the future you dream of having.

Join me on a journey of discovery and healing, no matter what twists and turns you have walked up until now.


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What Anne's Clients and Cohorts are Saying

"Couples who work with her find their relationships and families benefit in strength, flexibility, love, and connection."

-Martha Kauppi, LMST, ACST

"Anne is very knowledgable and very kind. She makes it very clear that she is interested in my well being and wants to help"

"Every question I had was answered thoroughly. Anne went above and beyond."

"I have been in a mastermind group with Anne Evans-Cazier and have been impressed with her passion and enthusiasm for her work with couples. Her strong grounding in theory combined with a deep love for the energy of relationship transformation is inspiring."

-Martha Kauppi, LMST, ACST

"There is something truly amazing in her calm & profound spirit."

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Support for Couples and Parents

Feel hope again.


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Therapy for Couples

Whether you want to strengthen a good relationship, heal from hurt or disconnection, you have come to the right place.

Therapy for Parents

I can show you more effective ways to build a resilient family, capable of facing challenges together with love, respect, and connection.

Anne Evans-Cazier, LCSW

My promise to you: You can become a resilient couple.

From both my professional work and personal experience I know how painful it can be when a family isn't happy, and how satisfying it is to create strong, healthy relationships that grows as you do.

Research confirms that therapy is most effective when there is a strong, safe bond between therapist and clients. I consider it a great honor and privilege to work with so many wonderful individuals, couples, and families who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work building stronger, more resilient lives.

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