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Training for Therapists

Work with confidence with even the most challenging couples and their families

I am so excited to invite you to join me for the first ever opportunity to train in the Bader-Pearson Developmental Model of Couples Relationships in person here in Salt Lake City.  I am thrilled to share this powerful model with more therapists here in Utah and hope to establish a strong referral network of local therapists trained in the Bader-Pearson model.

This 9-month training will be limited to a small group of motivated therapists who want to develop new skills and perspectives and practice applying these right now. Whether you are a new therapist just starting your practice or have many years of experience, this training will offer a rich opportunity to change the way you work with couples.

Here is a brief overview of some of the benefits you may expect:

  • Increase your confidence in working with even the most challenging couples
  • Become a strong leader in therapy sessions
  • Position yourself and the couples with whom you work for success even before they come in for their first appointment
  • Accurately assess couples for their developmental stage and structure stage appropriate interventions to help them move forward
  • Provide powerful developmental assists to support client growth
  • Integrate theories of neuroscience, attachment and differentiation to promote intra- and inter-personal growth
  • Help clients move away from blaming and fault finding and set meaningful goals for their own work

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What other therapists are saying about Anne

"I have been in a mastermind group with Anne Evans-Cazier and have been impressed with her passion and enthusiasm for her work with couples. Her strong grounding in theory combined with a deep love for the energy of relationship transformation is inspiring. Couples who work with her fin their relationships and families benefit in strength, flexibility, love, and connection."

-Martha Kauppi, LMST, ACST

"Offered another way to open up and look at long term issues and added hope."

At the Utah Chapter NASW Spring Professional Education Series, Anne's presentation was rated at 4.69/5